Dial-up Internet Connection

INET offers dialup access services with speeds up to 56kbps. Dialup uses your regular phone line to connect to the Internet. 
This is a very easy to use service that works very well with users that have average Internet usage and not much requirements for high speed access.

Because the Dial-up requires no additional infrastructure other than the telephone network for that reason it is always the most popular internet connection. 
As telephone points are available throughout the world, dial-up remains useful to most of users.

INET offers a wide range of categories and cards to fit all our customers' requirements

Minimum Requirements:

  1. PC or Laptop, MAC with OS that support web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrom, Safari, Netscape ..
  2. Telephone Line.
  3. Modem V92 internal/ external.
  4. Valid Dial-up Card.

Connection Setup :

Create a new dial-up connection using telephone No. 198999 and enter the user name and password that was written on the card.