INET Leased Line Service

Why Leased Line? Looking for fast and reliable Net access with zero downtime. A leased line may be the answer to your access woes

When you conduct business on the Internet, your company needs access that is dependable and fast. Time is money, And downtime or slow transfers can cost many times more than what you actually pay for your connections. A leased line addresses these issues.

Leased lines provide a scalable access method, important particularly for organizations with large user groups, including:

  • Corporate 
  • Military etc. 
  • Governments 
  • Banks and financial institutions 
  • Educational and R&D organizations 

In fact, leased access becomes a must for large organizations in most situations.

Leased Line Advantages
It provides permanent, reliable, high-speed connectivity as compared to the temporary connectivity of dial up access. The quality of the connection is far superior to what is normally available through dialup, because of the digital signaling, less noise, fewer exchanges etc.

Leased Line Disadvantages
Leased bandwidth prices are quite high, compared to dialup bandwidth of comparable size. Entry level annual port prices are also high at present, so that this access method is only feasible beyond a fairly high threshold level.

Leased Line Bandwidth Price Real IP
64 Kbps call us 1 IP
128 Kbps call us 2 IPs
256 Kbps call us 4 IPs
512 Kbps call us 8 IPs
1 Mbps call us 16 IPs
2 Mbps call us 16 IPs