What is ADSL Service?

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a type of broadband or high speed Internet access. It works by splitting your existing telephone line signal into two, one for voice and the other for data.. With ADSL, no need for dialing any number so you will not receive any busy tone. You're always connected. 
The service is available in several different upload and download speed, the download speed is usually much faster than upload, and is therefore ideal for the home and small offices user. It usually starts at about 256kbps rising all the way up to 8Mbps.

What are the benefits of ADSL?

  1. It's fast! up to 8Mbps download speed
  2. View audio/video files, join e-learning sessions.
  3. Always connected; no dial up is required
  4. Uses your regular line to offer amazingly fast Internet speeds
  5. Browse the Internet and receive voice calls simultaneously
  6. Affordable - there are no additional per minute call charges
  7. Easy to budget; you pay a regular fixed fee

Is ADSL available anywhere?

ADSL is currently available in Syrian areas. Give us a call and we can check for availability in your area /011 9914/. 

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