Key Benefits:

To reach high standards of service performance INET builds its Data Center facilities, invest in advanced infrastructure and network equipment, with a comprehensive range of e-Hosting packages & services INET provide the most reliable and secure, affordable solution for hosting your e-business.
When you opt for one of e-Hosting service with us, you not only get faster and fully reliable Internet connectivity but also high-level security for all your equipment. 
There are many more benefits in store for you when you opt for INET e-Hosting with us:

  • Secure Data Center Co-location Facility 
  • 99.96% network uptime guaranteed! 
  • Full scalability to accommodate your growing needs 
  • Multiple international uplink internet connections via PDN 8 links (6 STM1, 2 STM4), ensuring full redundancy.
  • Flexibility of choosing hardware and software: we don't tie you down to specifics and are more than happy to support any configuration you want 
  • 24x7 monitoring of exchange points and bandwidth carriers to guard against server interruptions 
  • IP-based CCTV surveillance and hand key biometric access to all areas.

INET Network Monitoring & Security:

Our networks are monitored 24x7 and are equipped with auto alert systems that kick into place as soon as unwanted advances are detected. 
Potential crises are effectively nipped in the bud, ensuring that your business critical applications are never affected – we guarantee 99.92% uptime.
When it comes to data security, we use nothing but the best and latest devices available. Whether firewall's, IDS or patches, our countermeasures ensure that your network is monitored 24x7 and vulnerabilities are constantly addressed, ensuring that your data and your network never fall prey to attacks.

INET Physical Security:

Movement throughout the co-location facility is controlled via hand key biometric access systems. 
All areas are monitored via IP-based CCTV surveillance that records every door opening. Mantraps at external doors ensure no unauthorized entry is possible anywhere. 

INET Offering:

  • Domain Name Registration. 
  • Shared Web Hosting Service. 
  • Virtual Private Hosting Servers. 
  • Dedicated Hosting Servers. 
  • Co-located Hosting Servers.